Wayfinder to Unleash MAERZEN Spring Seasonal on an Unsuspecting Public!


Wayfinder MAERZEN
Seasonal Amber Lager
5.5% alcohol by volume
19 bitterness units

Wayfinder's new MAERZEN (mare-tsen) is a classic lager faithfully brewed to the highest standards, as is our jam. Coppery-amber hued, richly malty, with enticing toffee aromas and a spicy, delicate hopping underneath. Our brewmaster Kevin Davey employs a unique double-decoction process, boiling a portion of the mash twice to create a complex range of melanoidins and malt flavors. Many weeks of cold-aging deliver impeccable roundness, smoothness and drinkability. Instantly classic.

Way back in the day -- and for many hundreds of years -- Maerzenbier was the last beer to be brewed in Bavaria during the cool-weather months, before the heat and flora started to mess with the brewing process. (Maerzen means "of March" in German, referring to when it was traditionally brewed.)  They'd brew enough to last them over the summer, store it ("lager" in German) in caves, then throw a big party in October (hint hint) to drink up the rest, before firing the brew kettles yet again. For many decades the style has been referred to as "Maerzen-Oktoberfest", or something similar. 

But then we thought, "So what? Sounds like the perfect beer to ring out winter and welcome spring. Like, in March." Hence, a new tradition is born. 'March beer' in March...what a concept!