TERRIfiCO Tallboys In Stores!


It is with great pleasure we present you with TERRIFICO — in CANS! We loved this beer so much when we first brewed it that we hustled up a second batch just in time for Halloween. Today was our first canning at Wayfinder and thanks to the crew from Craft Canning we ended up with 180 cases of fresh, hoppy, 16-ounce goodness, ready for you to grab with both claws. 

Drawing on inspiration from the Italian Pils+Love Festival, we designed this special Pilsner with help from our friends at Heater Allen Brewing and Modern Times. Spicy, citrusy, floral and yeasty elements ride above a dry, crisp, lightly golden malt backbone. A distinctive yet elegant take on a most classic style. 

Priced here at the pub is $14/four-pack, on sale now. If you can’t make it down, no worries: we’ll be spreading the love to a bunch of local stores, including New SeasonsMarket of ChoiceZupans, and numerous quality bottleshops like Belmont Station and John’s Marketplace. Act fast though, this is a super limited edition release and will be gone soon!