New School Beer awards Wayfinder Beer as Best New Oregon Brewery!




2017 was an unexpectedly strong year for new Portland-area breweries, and the competition was extremely stiff between Little Beast Brewing, Level Beer, and the winning Wayfinder Beer. Early voting had Little Beast Brewing dominating, with late results shifting towards Level Beer, but Wayfinder stayed a steady favorite and winning by two votes in the end. Wayfinder Beer has put another great brewpub on the map in Portland–one of the best there is–and head brewer Kevin Davey is also pushing the return to classic styles like Pilsner, Helles and Doppelbock. The beers are fantastic, the patio is amazing, and the food is up there with the best brewpub menus. Level Beer comes in runner-up with a varied lineup of hoppy beers to stouts and saisons and a fun and unique beer garden taproom and Little Beast Brewing is making world-class farmhouse and sour ales.

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