Video: Trappist Brew Some Beer Using the Most Ancient Method Possible!

Trappist, the band that writes d-beat, crust punk, powerviolence, and hardcore songs all about beer, have taken their debut album title Ancient Brewing Tactics quite literally in their latest video feature. In the three-minute clip (which is not a music video, it’s worth noting), we get a behind-the-scenes look as the band members and Wayfinder master brewer Kevin dive head-first into the most ancient brewing tactic of all time, steinbier, a method involving super hot, flame-heated rocks to facilitate the brewing process.

Trappist features members of Spazz, ex-16, Despise You and more and the album has guest appearances from members of Municipal Waste, Torche, and Pig Destroyer. Check out their suds-guzzling tunes “No Corporate Beer” and “Hymn to Ninkasi” (featuring Tony Foresta) for a… TASTE… of what you’re in for.

Ancient Brewing Tactics is out now via Relapse; order here (physical) or here (digital).