Em Sauter names Wayfinder as Top Three Small Breweries of 2018!


Top Three Small Breweries (15K bbl or less)

Wayfinder Beer (Portland, Oregon) I was told I had to go to Wayfinder Beer (by Modern Times, actually) when I visited Portland, Oregon. “Their lagers are unreal—they brew a Czech dark lager.” Tmave?! I have never been to the Czech Republic, and only recently are U.S. brewers (with a few outliers) getting into the Czech game (besides the famed Czech Pils). So in June, as instructed, I went down to have a pint of their Hidden Hand Czech dark lager. See, I do this thing when I have a pint that speaks to me; I drum the bar or table in front of me real fast after the first sip. I don’t know why I do it, but I do. And I did it with this beer, by myself, during a crowded lunch rush at Wayfinder. It’s one of the best beer experiences of 2018.